Our Projects

The Older Women’s Network NSW provides support for a number of state-wide projects that promote the rights, dignity and well-being of older women. The focus of our projects is on skill development, social action, empowerment and having fun!


Prevention of Violence against Older Women

With funding from the Office for Women’s Policy, Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Government, OWN NSW conducted a mapping exercise of our knowledge of violence experienced by older women.  Strategies for the prevention of violence were identified for this rarely recognised group of women living with violence. Read more

One Good Deed (Cover)A Room of One's Own (Cover)

How Could They?

Older women play a critical role in supporting their families and communities. These brochures have been developed by and for older women, based on real situations. Simply select the ones you want by clicking on them to open, and then print.  Read more

It could be you

It Could be You

Who are the homeless and who is at risk of homelessness? We rarely think about older working women as a potential wave of homeless people but, according to the evidence, that is exactly the problem we face – a problem for which we are poorly prepared. Read more

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