Prevention of Violence Against Older Women

Prevention of Violence against Older Women

In the international debate on responses to family and domestic violence, one group, older women has consistently disappeared.  In consultation with a broad range of service providers, this project, conducted by OWN NSW, developed strategies, applicable at the state and national level, for the prevention of violence against older women. It was funded by the Office for Women’s Policy, Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Government.  It was researched and authored by Ludo McFerran

The report explores the challenge for the domestic and family violence sector of responding to the increased reporting of violence against older women.  It highlights the urgent need to improve the capacity of the domestic violence, aged care and homelessness service systems to provider flexible, collaborative and sensitive support designed for the needs of older women, should they remain in the family home, leave or become chronically homeless.

Domestic and family violence services will need to broaden and diversity their responses and skills base to incorporate older women, to develop sensitive, respectful and flexible responses that understands the complex and vulnerable nature of the lives of older women.

That one in four women reporting physical domestic violence is older suggests that the domestic violence sector needs to ensure older women can access appropriate support.

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