How Could They?

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Older women play a critical role in supporting their families and communities.

In an environment of increasing social and financial pressure, older women must also ensure that they do not jeopardise their own security when asked to help those they love. Some of the worst cases of financial elder abuse are perpetrated by those closest to us, and begin with seemingly small transgressions, often culminating in the inadvertent surrendering of power, authority and financial security. Unfortunately, unless we recognise this potential and initiate steps to protect ourselves early, communication can break down, with the situation and the relationship deteriorating.

How Could They? Begins with a series of 5 brochures exploring the legal and financial issues:


These brochures have been developed by and for older women, based on real situations. Simply select the ones you want by clicking on them to open, and then print.

The questions, strategies and resources contained in each brochure have been designed to empower older women with tools to resolve problems and strengthen their position, without jeopardizing their personal relationships.

We were honoured to have Anne Cregan launch this innovative series at the fabulous rooms of our event hosts: Blake Dawson – 225 George Street Sydney on Tuesday 27 July, 2010.

Join us in our campaign to distribute these memorable, easy-to-read snapshots of practical wisdom. This project has been a collaborative project, made possible with the resources of The University of Western Sydney, The Older Women’s Network NSW, and The Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.

For more information, please contact the OWN NSW Coordinator.
tel: 02 9519 8044