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Christms party with Fiona Vilma Dancing

Illawarra Wellness Centre was opened in September 2009 and commenced with classes in Tai Chi, Gentle Exercise and Drumming. Within a year two extra classes were added so that we now operate every Monday and Tuesday during school terms, at the Coniston Community Hall, 2/36 Bridge Street, Coniston; adjacent to Coniston Railway station. Local buses also will drop you at the railway station, and through the generosity of the owners, there is free parking available in nearby Coniston Hotel Car Park.  Our program of activities, include:

  • Tai Chi
  • Extra Gentle Exercise
  • Fitness For Seniors
  • Drumming
  • Folk Dancing
  • Thai Yoga
  • Ukulele

Culturally we have a great amount of diversity amongst our members,  most of whom are Aussies with lots of women from the U.K, and others from Turkey, Malaysia, Scotland, UK, the Netherlands, Indonesia, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Peru, Argentina, Czech Republic, Malta, USA, Macedonia, Poland and Estonia.  We also cover a wide span of ages 45 to 90, and for this reason, our exercise classes also cover a range of abilities.

All our trainers are highly trained to work with older women and our costs are kept as low as possible. (Please find them listed on our “Program Of Activities,” also shown on this page.)

If you also have hidden talents in the performing arts, or perhaps you’d like to discover talents you never knew you had, then maybe consider joining one of our brilliant performance groups.  We have Folk Dancers, Drummers and Ukulele players who are in demand to perform at community events.

We’re a friendly group of women, between the ages of 50 and 80 plus.

As we age a lot of our bits don’t work as well as they used to. At Illawarra Wellness we strive to maintain those bits that continue to serve us well by using  a holistic approach to achieve good health and wellbeing in mind and body.

Why not try a Wellness Experience?

OWN Illawarra Wellness Program of Activities Term 2 2019

Whats On July and August 2019

Come and join the fun of end of term lunch at the hall.
A winter warmer of soups, various flavors on offer with bread rolls and apple pie slice to finish cost $7.50 soups home made by volunteers.
Lunch to follow fitness class, then short break, so tables can be set up. No drumming for that day.
If you are interested in partaking of lunch, add name to list at the desk.

August Workshops -Sponsored by BlueScope Win Community Partners Program.
Held at Coniston Community Centre
All workshops are FREE, and include morning tea, registration form on wellness desk
Meditation: Thursday 9th August 10am-12noon.
Art for beginners: Thursday 16th August 10am -12noon.
Shop and Eat Right: Friday 24th August 11am-1pm.
Laughter: Thursday 30th August 10am- 12noon.
There is a registration book at the Wellness Centre or you can Call or Text Lynne on mobile 0434070017.

Wellness Despatch from Illawarra Wellness

Meditation Workshops.
Two mediation workshops will be held in Coniston during Term 2.
Thursday 23rd of May and 6th of June
11 am to 12 noon.
Read more here

News from February / March 2015

Mercury1 drummers Mercury2

February and March are shaping up to be very big weeks for the Illawarra OWN Group with ”Our OWN Heartbeats” booked to drum at the celebration of the Philippine National Day, the Embrace Life Festival and the Local Bunning’s Harmony Day Celebrations. The Silver T OWN’s program is pretty full on. They will present five concerts at various nursing homes, retirement villages and other women’s organizations in various parts of the Illawarra.

Both the drummers and the choir are happy to take part in festivals, attend conferences, forums and community events to show the positive side of being an older women.

International Women’s Day – Thursday 5th March 2015

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Today  we celebrated International Women’s Day in style, Illawarra OWN Corrimal and Illawarra Wellness Centre made it possible. The celebration was held at Corrimal Community Centre.

We all had a wonderful time, Our special guest speaker Edith Draper (Watercolour Artist) what a gifted and talented lady she was, her speech was inspirational, she is ninety years old and didn’t look any older than seventy. She shared her life story, every one was mesmerised, what a intelligent woman and a great artist. She has accomplished so much in her life. I have attached one of her art work, we had the opportunity to see all her Art work. There were others that shared their inspirational stories to share with us. There were many that attended from the Illawarra Own Wellness centre including Lorraine, Theresa, Thelma, Meredith and myself to name a few.  Morning tea and lunch was delicious and we finished off with a beautiful cake I made for the celebration. Barbara’s table cloth looked amazing on the table the colour of IWD green and purple.  Thanks to Theresa for taking these lovely photo’s. thanks to all the ladies from OWN Corrimal for putting on the lunch.
– Fathima

Embracing the Illawarra through wellness, music and art.

Embrace Life Live Life is holding their first keep it local festival of 2015 here in the Illawarra. There will be two stages of local performers, sound healers and presenters, many wellness businesses, intuitive readers, artists, workshops, practitioners and  workshops for all to enjoy.

Embrace is all about uplifting and activating local communities and businesses through sustainable festivals celebrating wellness, music, art and spirituality and they are hosting their first 2015 festival on Sunday 22nd at the Fraternity Club, to celebrate the Illawarra region.

One of our first local performance groups for the day is Our OWN heartbeats.  A lively drumming group made up of older women from diverse cultures staying active through drumming and dancing. They are part of our local Older Women’s Network wellness groups and led by the inspiring 81 year young Barbara Malcolm.

Click here to download flyer: Heartbeats Handouts

Our Contact Details

Coordinator: Barbara Malcolm –  Phone: 4229 9504

Sheila Hall –  Phone: 4228 7840