Illawarra OWN began in 1998 after a meeting held by staff at the Bulli Community Health Centre. Initially there were thirteen members, several of whom are still part of the group today. We didn’t need to be told twice that to have our voices heard we had to raise them – in the blink of an eye we established our singing group, The Silvert’OWNs , and they’ve been a great success.  Buoyed by their fame we established other groups: such as the very feisty Current Affairs discussion group; the Writing group; the Games group; and our (no calories counted) Coffee Club.

Naturally such success can be exhausting, and our Theatre Group has had to take a break after their last acclaimed regional tour.  It is important that we never lose sight of fun, when we undertake the somewhat serious mission of defending our rights, dignity and wellbeing.  An important part of this work is reaching out to past, present and future members in the community who may be isolated and unaware of the welcoming community that is here to embrace them.

We generally meet every Thursday (activities and times varying according to a schedule), at Corrimal Community Centre (Lilly Pilly Room), on the corner of Short Street and Princes Highway, Corrimal.

Come and meet our members and enjoy the program of activities, including:

  • OWN Group Meeting – 1st Thurs
  • Guest Speakers – 3rd Thurs
  • Coffee Groups – various locations
  • Writing Group – 3rd Thurs (10.30 – 12 noon)
  • Current Affairs Group – 3rd Thurs (1.00pm – 3.00pm)
  • Games Group – 2nd Thurs 1.00pm
  • Silvert’OWNs Singing Group ‑ Fridays
  • Social Events  – various locations

The Silvert’OWNs Singing Group gives concerts at nursing homes, day care centres and community organisations throughout the Illawarra. So if you always wanted to be in demand, perhaps this is your calling? ‑ Because of their popularity The Silvert’OWNs have had to limit their concerts to three per month and are booked out each year by March!

If life on tour sounds too exhausting, maybe you should consider The Wellness Centre at Coniston? Members of the Wellness Centre also become members of Illawarra OWN. The Wellness Centre is a vibrant organisation which offers a wide range of activities to older women at low cost.  These activities vary from engaging, creative pursuits to physical activities that will reconnect you with muscle groups you may have considered retiring years ago.

Fun and friendship awaits ‘where the mountains meet the sea’. Yes, it’s time you re-connected.

Illawarra OWN Newsletter July 2017

Our Contact Details
Coordinator: Jeune Taylor
Phone: 02 4284 8120