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The OWN Bankstown Wellness Centre began in 1995 and is growing all the time. Join our inclusive and welcoming centre offering older women of all cultures a holistic approach to improving and maintaining their health. We offer a fun and affordable program of activities, a connection with your local community and an opportunity to make new friends. OWN Bankstown Wellness Centre provides an exciting and supportive environment to explore a whole range of possibilities.

We are open Mondays to Wednesdays during school terms, from 9.30 am to 2.45 pm, across 40 weeks of the year.

These activities include:

  • Tai Chi – Gentle flowing movements to improve fitness, balance and create inner calm, designed for older women
  • Gentle Yoga – Stretching, strengthening and relaxing exercise
  • Gentle Exercise – 2 sessions per week plus an additional class for Greek Women
  • Strength and Balance- 2 sessions per week can develop and maintain your core strength and reduce risk of falls
  • International Dancing – For those who love dance and music and enjoy learning dances from around the world
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Guided Relaxation – learn to relieve stress and anxiety with calming thoughts and movements
  • Feldenkrais – find ease and grace in movement
  • Relaxation Plus – Meditate, distress and relax your way to wellness
  • Drumming – Come and join the fun and improve your circulation and coordination
  • “Let’s Talk About” Group – topics of interest in health and consumer rights, talk and learn together

All activities are designed to increase and maintain your health and wellbeing, with our centre welcoming older women from all cultures and backgrounds. We are a very multicultural group in Bankstown and encourage you to come and say hello and join us.

At Bankstown OWN, you will enjoy every minute of your journey to Wellness, the first step is making contact.

Term 3 Program of Activities

OWN BWC Newsletter Term 2 2017

Our Contact Details
Phone: 0490 602 221
Address: c/o PCYC Bankstown, Cnr Meredith St & French Ave