Aboriginal Support Circle

We began in 1994, using the Australians for reconciliation Study Circle Kit and the Open Learning programmes on the ABC as guidelines for our activities.

Among founding members were Noreen Hewett, Ruth Layard, (now deceased), Merle Highett, Lucy Porter and Ermes Solari. Our motivation then was, and is now, to mend the relationship between Indigenous and non-indigenous people, and we realised that in order to do that we needed to gain knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island history, customs and culture.  We will have been meeting monthly for 20 years, in 2013.  We maintain our commitment to reconciliation through:

  • Bi-monthly meetings
  • Staying informed
  • Discussions
  • Rallies
  • Letter Writing and Lobbying
  • Networking
  • Support to other organisations

We’d love you to join us at 10.30am on the second Monday of alternate months (beginning in February of each year).  Our ordinary meetings usually include an Aboriginal guest speaker. We also visit Aboriginal organisations and communities. Sometimes we attend art exhibitions, plays, performances, films and other events featuring Aboriginal culture and contemporary issues.  These are a fabulous way to meet our community and show your support.

We also support Aboriginal organisations by attending meetings and rallies, and lobbying on behalf of Indigenous people where issues demand community action.

Similarly we monitor discriminatory practices in media reports and policy documents, and encourage members to write letters to parliamentarians and community leaders requesting support.

We participate in reconciliation events, and gatherings organised by the NSW Reconciliation Council, ANTaR and the Women’s Reconciliation Network.

We support Aboriginal organisations and events with financial contributions.

This group is for older women from all cultures, including Aboriginal women.  Our specific aim is to cultivate better relationships and friendships with older Aboriginal women so that we can work together to enrich the lives of older women in Australia.

Our Contact Details
Coordinator: Pat Zinn
Email: pattzinn1@hotmail.com
Phone: 9389 1090