The Organisation


In July 2001, the Older Women’s Network New South Wales was established as the peak body for Older Women’s Network groups in NSW.

Its role is to promote the rights, dignity and wellbeing of older women through a range of state-wide activities, to advocate on issues of concern to older women and to support OWN groups in NSW.

OWN NSW is managed by an eleven-member Board. All members of the Board are volunteers.  The Board oversees the coordination of OWN NSW and the work of the OWN NSW manager and project manager.


OWN NSW is a peak organisation and membership is open to any group willing to accept the name and constitution of the organisation.  Membership is available to all women who consider themselves ‘older’ through the OWN Groups.  Each Group pays a small annual membership fee to OWN NSW based on their membership.


OWN NSW Inc. receives funding from the NSW Department of Family and Community Services through the Office of Ageing, The Bankstown Wellness Centre, which is a project of OWN NSW is funded through NSW Health Ministry. Additional Grants are also obtained from time to time to carry out research and special projects.

The City of Sydney provides the Older Women’s Network NSW Inc. with premises at 8-10 Victoria Street Newtown. This is also used by the Newtown Wellness Centre for its series of classes.

For more information, please contact OWN NSW
Tel: (02) 9519 8044.