OWN NSW is a peak organisation and membership is open to any group willing to accept the name and constitution of the organisation.  Membership is available to all women who consider themselves ‘older’ through the OWN Groups.  Each Group pays a small annual membership fee to OWN NSW based on their membership.

You can join an OWN Group near you and meet up with local women in your community. Please ring us on 02 9519 8044 to find your nearest group.

You can also join OWN NSW and show your support for our organisation that promotes the rights, dignity and well being of older women. We will  keep you informed on all aspects of ageing fabulously. We will also add you to our invite list for forums and wisdom exchanges on issues that are important to women as they age.

Become a member of OWN NSW. 

For more information, please contact OWN NSW 

Tel: 02 9519 8044